A Nordic Collaboration

We have offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.

We are a fast, independent, entrepreneur-driven Nordic network with a broad mix of senior competence and innovative talents.

We work data-driven to produce the best and most effective recommendations and solutions. Together, we have a turnover of more than 130 million Euros in 2023 and 160 employees.

Four markets, one relation.

We can provide both Nordic coordination with one point of contact as well as local teams at all four markets. We got offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Trondheim.

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Proud solutions that helps your brand grow!

Media Agencies offering a nordic entry strategy

As a full-service Nordic media agency that specializes in growing our clients business through both strategic advice and the execution / implementation of our clients marketing campaign, our core competence and focus area has always been media.

Market insight

Creating actionable insights and staying informed about the local market, understanding your target audience, and navigating the marketing landscape across different media channels are crucial aspects when creating a holistic media or go-to-market strategy in the Nordic markets.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is a highly effective form of digital advertising that provides measurable and tangible results for your business.

Unlike traditional marketing, the real-time feedback and advanced tracking capabilities enable continual optimization and testing, maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) throughout campaign periods to generate effect.

Content production

Increase the effectiveness of your media budget and online presence with high-quality content.

We can help you develop attention-grabbing videos, SEO-optimized articles, creative concepts that will resonate with your target audience, and much more. Make your brand stand out in the media landscape, whether it be in search results, social media or billboards in the city center.

INdependent capabilities

From the outside inn

We work with strategy, insight, analysis, content production and media buying, across digital and traditional channels.

Together, we help you with everything from idea development to strategy, production and distribution to fuel growth and profitability.

Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki

Our team is located in four countries.

Meet the team