People of INN

Gunnar Stensaker

CEO & Founder


Gunnar is the founder and the CEO of TRY Opt. He specializes in media strategy, campaign planning, performance marketing, insight, analysis, and effect measurement. He has planned and executed hundreds of campaigns, ranging from mass communication with a broad media mix to campaigns targeting small and very specific target audiences. He has worked with strategy and digital marketing for a long line of public and private companies focusing on B2C, B2B, and D2C, including REMA 1000, DNB, Telia, Equinor, IKEA, Volkswagen, Norwegian, and others.

He has a special focus on how creatives and media work together, ensuring content production aligns with best practices for the various channels in the media mix. This is crucial to capturing the target audience's attention and creating stopping power, ad recall and brand recognition.

Eske Drange

CCO & Strategic Advisor


Eske Drange is CCO and strategic advisor at TRY Opt. He has +15 years of experience from the marketing industry and has ben partner in different media agencies for the last 10 years. He has extensive experience across all media channels within both the B2C and B2B area and work with both private and public companies. Furthermore, he is specialized in Digital public affairs and has helped 50 + companies in engaging key stakeholders.  

Daily, Eske works as a strategic advisor for clients in a wide range of industries in TRY. 

Marion Berg Odvén

Head of Video/Audio


Marion works as Head of Video/Audio in TRY Opt. Her area of expertise includes strategy, media negotiations, media buying and planning for media channels such as TV, Online Video, cinema and radio. Marion is also responsible for contact with media channels and being the internal contact person in TRY Opt concerning video and audio.

Marion has long experience from the media industry. She started working on the media side, but for the past 15 years she has worked in various roles in media agencies. Marion started in TRY Opt in 2019.

Hanne Gilje Sekse

Head of Digital


Hanne is Head of Digital in TRY Opt. Her focus is on digital strategy, insight and analysis, and she is committed to creating measurable and long-term effects for her clients. Hanne has extensive experience across all digital platforms, including social media, digital video, display and content. Additionally, she has worked with the more traditional mediaplatforms within video and audio, such as TV, cinema, radio, print and outdoor advertising.

Hanne works with everything from annual strategies, negotiations, business development, and tech, to media optimization and reporting. She has worked with many large Norwegian and global players, as well as smaller local brands that need a more narrow and local attention. Some of the clients she has worked with include XXL, Tine, Orkla, REMA 1000, Telenor, McDonald's, PepsiCo, Disney, UiO, Gyldendal, and Vita.

Lars Rimstad

Head of Performance


Lars is the Head of Performance at TRY, overseeing the team’s professional development, expanding our service offerings, and working strategically as well as operationally on client projects. Lars has been working with performance marketing in TRY since 2018 and has a background in business economics.  

In his multifaceted role, he provides hands-on, operational input to ensure strategies are effectively executed. Integral to his approach is a focus on analytics and measurement, which underscores his strengths in leveraging data to drive performance for clients.  

Lars has extensive experience working with a diverse client base, including businesses in the B2B sector, app scale-ups, and e-commerce companies.

Simen Kjær

Media Strategy Lead


Simen is the media strategy lead in TRY Opt. He works with market insight and analytics, combining theory and best practice to create frameworks for media strategies and campaign planning. Simen is also experienced with creating brand strategies and platforms. Simen has a broad experience working with large Nordic and global advertisers across different industires, such as Elkjøp/Elgiganten, Norwegian Airlines, DNB, Hurtigruten and REMA 1000. His focus is on how media and communication will create growth and measurable effect.  

Simen has 20 years of experience working across different roles at multiple agencies such as dentsu and Mediabrands, and has received multiple awards for his work in media strategy, creativity, and effect. Simen excels in identifying key insights that leads to objectives for media and communication to accomplish business objectives and create growth. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Terje works as a Senior Research Manager and started at TRY Opt in August 2022. He brings nearly 30 years of experience in research and market and consumer analysis, both within the public and private sectors. At TRY, he primarily advises clients on insight work and research design, as well as performing desk research. He has designed and carried out a variety of surveys for the clients he has worked with and possesses extensive experience in areas such as pre-testing of advertising materials, campaign evaluations, brand trackers, driver analyses, target audience analyses, and positioning analyses. His focus is that the surveys are designed and reported in a manner that makes the results practical and applicable for the client.

Paal Rui

Motion Producer


Paal is a highly experienced content creator and producer with a broad international background from the most demanding professional markets in the world. He specializes in ideation and execution of film and animation, media production management, and production process analysis and improvement.  He has been a central contributor on innumerable commercial productions, ranging from large campaigns for the most recognizable international brands to small scale productions with creative heart that have received noteworthy recognition and gathered prestigious awards in Norway and the US.  He has been involved in productions for a great number of public and private companies including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta, Best Buy, Walmart, Hyundai, UEFA, AT&T, McDonald’s, Comcast, Telenor, Telia, Equinor, IKEA, Volkswagen, Norwegian, SAS, Norsk Tipping, Elkjøp, Power, REMA 1000, KIWI, Meny, and many more.