Performance marketing

Performance marketing is a highly effective form of digital advertising that provides measurable and tangible results for your business.

Unlike traditional marketing, the real-time feedback and advanced tracking capabilities enable continual optimization and testing, maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) throughout campaign periods to generate effect.

The Benefits of Performance Marketing

Performancemarketing has become a vital part of advertisers’ media plans. Some of its’benefits include:


Financial flexibility: Pay only forvaluable and concrete actions, like clicks or conversions, and reallocatebudgets based on results.


Transparency and insights: Gainprecise insights into where your budget is allocated, and which audiences areproviding the best results.


Increased accountability: Hold yourmarketing efforts accountable with real-time tracking and analytics.


Maximizing ROI: optimization ofcampaigns ensures that budgets are being spent in a way that prioritizesactivities that offers the best ROI.

Performance Marketing Services

A solid performance marketing strategy 
requires input and experience from multiple marketing disciplines. At INN we believe that 
the best results are achieved when push and pull media activities work together, maximizing the synergies that happen when buzz 
creates demand.

Our Nordicnetwork have performance marketing specialists located in Norway, Denmark, Finlandand Sweden. This ensures that our clients have specialists optimizing theircampaigns with local know-how. Our services include:


SEO (search engine optimization):

Improve your ranking in organic search 
engine results to attract high quality traffic 
to your website, Youtube-channel or social media platforms.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising:

Make sure to capture consumers when they search for your products/services on Google or Bing, even when you are not organically visible in search rankings.


Social Media:

Use the power of social media algorithms 
to target the right audiences with tailored messages.


Programmatic advertising:

Use the power of social media algorithms 
to target the right audiences with tailored messages.


Email Marketing:

Engage existing and potential customers 
through CRM and email marketing.


Tracking and analytics:

In order evaluate campaign performance and 
ROI you need to make sure you are tracking 
your online activities and website traffic. We’ll implement advanced tracking capabilites for 
your website so that you can evaluate campaign performance correctly.

Whether you are just getting started with digital advertising, or need a fresh perspective, we will provide you with a specialized team tailored to your business’ goals.

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